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Frequently Asked Questions

** What is the address of the Convention Center?
Statehouse Convention Center
#1 Statehouse Plaza (101 E. Markham St.)
Little Rock, AR 72203

It is adjacent to The Little Rock Marriott, our headquarters hotel.
** What do I need to do when I arrive at the Convention?
Check into your Hotel and then come pick up your registration packet at the Convention Center.
** Where and when do I pick up my packet?
At the Convention Center Osage Registration Booth. You will be able to pick up your packets starting at 9:00am on Wednesday morning, June 25, 2014.
** Do we need the Convention Program Book to received the 'Daily Schedule'?
Yes, the 'Dailies' come with the Convention Program Book, and aren't available separately. The Program Book is a wealth of information for all the events.
** I'm a caller or cuer and would like to be added to the Caller / Cuer list for the Convention. What do I need to mark on my Registration Form?
On both the 'short' and 'long' registration forms be sure to indicate whether you're a Caller of Cuer (or both), and what levels of dancing you do. Also you need to fill out a Caller / Cuer profile and send it to the Vice Chairman of Squares and of Rounds. The form is available here on the website ... please complete the form and mail it in. Forms need to be received by Dec 31, 2013.
** Does Arkansas have 'toll roads'?
Arkansas does not have 'toll roads'.
Depending on which states you will be traveling through it may be a convenience to purchase a transponder.
E-ZPass is an electronic toll-collection system used on most tolled roads, bridges, and tunnels in the northeastern United States. The EZ Pass allows you to sail right through the toll booths and it costs less than paying the tolls as you go. It works in all 15 states that are part of the system. There is an initial fee for the box, which you stick on the windshield. More information is available on the web ... this link may be helpful.
** Will my registration packet be mailed?
No ... packets are not mailed. You can pick them up at the Registration Booth at the Convention Center.
** I'm already registered. How do I purchase additional items?
Simply go to the Registration Form page and bring up the Registration Form. Fill in your name and address, etc and your registration number if you have that available (which would be on your registration confirmation, and will assist us to keep all your items together), and check off the additional items you'd like ... Program Book, Wednesday evening show and dinner tickets, Sewing Book, etc, etc. Print out the form and mail it along with your payment ... it's that easy.
** When do I fill out the Long Registration Form?
As soon as you can. That lets us know what items you are interested in and allows us time to prepare your Registration packet before your arrival. Filling out the long registration form and mailing it in will speed up your check-in at Convention..
** What events take place before the Convention begins?
Tours and Trails End dances. Tours which can be booked from the Tours web page. The list of Trail End Dances are on the Dances web page.
** Are there parking garage passes?
No ... there will not be any parking garage passes at this time.
** Are there RV bus passes?
The RV Bus Pass is $50 per person, which covers Wednesday through Saturday, for those dancers staying at the RV Park.
** What are "Trail Thru" and "Trails End" Dances?
Trail Thru Dances take place within the two weeks before the beginning of the Convention, and dancers can attend as they travel to the Convention.
Trails End Dances take place in the Convention city the evening before the beginning of the actual Convention.
** A friend who would like to come to the convention with us but they are not dancers. Would they be allowed to come and would they have to pay to get in?
Yes, they can come too. The cost for a non-dancer is $5.00 per day. They will have a special name badge which will allow them
to attend the Education Sessions, shop with our Vendors, watch the Exhibition dancers & Fashion Show and watch the dancing. They can do everything a person with a Dancer badge can do EXCEPT get on the dance floor.

** What are the official Colors for the 2014 Convention?
The colors for the lady's outfit are red and white with silver trim.
The colors for the men's outfit are a red shirt, or a white shirt, or a red & white shirt … with a silver tie or bolo tie.

** What is the charge for parking in parking lots? There are three parking lots we know of that will charge $5 per day ... they do not offer in & out privileges. One is under the Double Tree hotel, the second is about one block away in front of the Convention Center, and the third is near the River Market about 3 blocks away. There are more parking in the area, however they may charge more.
** What about parking in the hotel parking garages? Most hotels do not charge for parking in their parking lots / garages is you are a registered guest there. The Marriott and Double Tree hotels do charge for parking ... if you will be staying there it would be best to call and ask.
** What about the Hotel Bus Passes? The Bus Passes go to the Wyndham, LaQuinta Downtown, Holiday Inn Presidential, and Comfort Inn.
** What is the acceptable dress code during the day and evening?
63rd Convention badges are required at all times. Dressy Casual attire is permitted during the day. Proper Square Dance attire is required after 6:00pm.


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